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FS: AV Tecnibat


Stuart Anderson:
AV Tecnibat - Size 2 - £30 (Inc. PayPal fees & P&P).

Manufactured 10/2020, bought through Starless River 12/2020.

Used approx. 12 trips and bought for the extra support. Unfortunately my back still didn't appreciate it so I've gone for an alternative hence this is surplus.

Pictures hopefully show condition. Cleaned in fresh water and brushed but there is some mud staining. Couple of scratches on the buckle. No obvious wear anywhere.

If you're interested express an interest on this post then PM.

Thanks, Stuart.

Stuart Anderson:
Mistake in my type.

Manufactured 2020 and purchased 12/2020 NOT 2010.

I've updated your initial post  :thumbsup:

Stuart Anderson:

--- Quote from: aricooperdavis on November 29, 2021, 06:22:06 pm ---I've updated your initial post  :thumbsup:

--- End quote ---

Thanks aricooperdavis. 👍


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