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Caving on BBC Breakfast this Saturday!

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That was Di going up and down the rope so quickly.  I'm surprised she's not more of a blur...

A big thanks to Steph and Sean at Yorkshire Dales Guides for covering all the health and safety for the Beeb and especially to Sean for his professional and welcoming approach on the day.   :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Brilliant......really inspiring...... Ishtar take it up...............oh I have

Just seen the version on Facebook:
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Nice interview, Clive ;)


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Jane your a star  :clap2:  lovely piece.  Glad they got the shot of someone rope walking. Alum and Upper Long Churn is so lovely.  Makes me proud to be a caver.

Great Team work  ;D   :thumbsup:  8)  ;D

From 7:40

--- End quote ---

From 41:42 now the programme has finished.

Top marks to Matt Holroyd too who came over so well on camera.  Matt's 16 and had the afternoon off school to come and show the future of British caving.  Matt went to the bottom of the Berger without camping this summer and is well capable of looking after himself.  A chip of the old block perhaps.  Well done  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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