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Active Expedition Cavers - The Ghar Parau Foundation needs you!!!!!


Active Expedition Cavers
- The Ghar Parau Foundation needs you!!!!!

The Ghar Parau Foundation Management Committee has 4 Active Expedition Caving Committee Members (AECCM) and they provide an important role on the committee. These are people who are currently participate, and have significant experience, in Expedition Caving. Their purpose is to provide up-to-date views to the Committee about caving expeditions. They serve on the committee for 4 years.

GPF are always looking for keen Active expedition cavers to serve a term on GPF committee. We have developed a new application process where by expedition cavers can now nominate themselves to the GPF committee. This ensures GPF get wide spectrum of expedition cavers to select from. Any one can apply but it is suggested that you have a reasonable amount of expedition experience, as one of your main roles will be to review and critic expedition applications.

If you are interested please follow the link to find out more. If you have any further question then please email the Secretary[at]

Many thanks
The Ghar Parau Secretary


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