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Winnats head mud slinging


In Fox chamber there are beautiful flows of calcite on the walls that have had mud thrown at them and some mud hand prints slapped on. It's a real shame because it's far enough into the cave to only be cavers that have done this. 😭 So, my question is, what is the best way to clean it? I was thinking of taking a weed sprayer anda soft brush? But I thought I should seek advice as I don't want to make it worse

Having been involved in a couple of stal-cleaning exercises, I'd agree that a pressurised 5-lire sprayer typically sold for spraying weeds is ideal, as is a soft plastic brush like you get washing-up.
Obviously you need a handy source of clean water for the sprayer as you wouldn't want to carry the water a long way underground.  Old toothbrushes are also good to get into crevices.

Good luck!

Intresting thought about carrying water in.I have little knowlege of cave science.Would a foreign water supply or domestic water have any affect on future development of the stal?

Most times there's a generous supply of water falling through the chokes and I would have thought you could collect 5L in a matter of minutes. And then it's guaranteed to be 'local' ;)

Pete Glanville posts:
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Scrape off as much mud as possible first. If you can catch the dirty water you can reuse it before a final rinse to finish off.


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