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Very strong diesel smell in Swildon's 4 today. I could taste it in the air before I even got my mask off. Worst I've ever smelt it in a cave, nearly threw up several times  :yucky:
Smell seemed strongest at the upstream end, close to High Loop Passage. Could just be the draft carried it up there, but didn't investigate too closely.

Went into Swildon's Hole, Vicarage Passage today.

There is the white growth again, see: https://ukcaving.com/board/index.php?topic=9646.25

First noticed on the right at the bottom of the rope going up The Landing. Went both ways once past the boulder choke entry into Vicarage Passage. Heading towards Vicarage Pot the growth ceases a couple of metre from the top of the slope. Going the other way it contines towards  Birthday Squeeze. Didn't notice any smell. Sump I was open again (just).

Lots of dieselly aromas through Swildon's Sump V yesterday and a very strong metallic smell just after the sump, although no CO2 problems in that area. Did not notice diesel smell elsewhere in the cave. Sump VI bypass a bit airless as was the Damp Link, we both ended up very breathless and headachey, estimate around the 2% mark. Improved once through into Causer's.

Bad air in Hunters Sink on the 13th of October, not a massive surprise but thought id still mention it.


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