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Title: Radon Monitors in some local caves (BCA/PICA)
Post by: Pete K on July 17, 2019, 02:34:21 pm
Hi all. BCA and AHOEC have funded some radon monitors for frequently used caves across the UK. The Peak District has been delivered a share of these and they are going in today and tomorrow (probably). They will be in Giant's, Bagshawe, Peak, P8 and Carlswark for around a month. Please keep an eye on them and let me know if they vanish before the 13th of August if you pass one regularly. Please do not touch, move or in any way interfere with them. Even the plastic bag they come in cannot be damaged.

Lastly, these have just dropped through my letterbox today a bit earlier than expected and I have to get them all in asap. I'm supposed to be leaving to work away in Wales tomorrow, so really need to get some help in placing them. Can you help today, tonight or tomorrow? None would take more than 1 hour in any cave, well maybe Peak 1.5h. Can you help?

Pete Knight
PICA Chairman / DCA Projects
Title: Re: Radon Monitors in some local caves (BCA/PICA)
Post by: Pete K on August 12, 2019, 10:05:24 pm
Thanks so much to the team who helped me put the monitors in and the helpers who are currently (literally in some cases) bringing them back out again.
We have a problem with 2 missing monitors in P8 though.
1 missing from the Far Flats pitch, which is accessed by a climb up before Idiots leap and then (passing the area with the short pitch which lands just below Idiots on your right) you go through an open area and a squeeze to arrive at another pitch head back down to the streamway. This is the pitch that can be freeclimbed from the streamway just after you have to climb up out of the water and back down the other side around 30m after Idiots Leap.
Other was in Mud Hall but may have been claimed by the flood.
Is anyone in P8 tomorrow who would be willing to have one last look? The monitors have to go in the post tomorrow or the 14th, any later and I'm away for a week so too late.