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University Caving Seminar 2005
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Hi all, if you can't be arsed to read all of this the most important details are just below ......  :D

The Important Details:

The Fourth University Caving Seminar --- 25th- 27th Nov
YSS - Old school house, Helwith Bridge near Settle

caving, SRT training, competitions, BBQ and disco.

£15 per person (includes accommodation and food)

email unicaving/at/ or check for more details.

Many of you probably didn't realised that at last year's University Caving Seminar the mighty Chris Jewell stepped down from his position as chairman of CHECC and handed his responsibilities over to a committee instead.  Hopefully the four of us Jay – Reading, Andy – Kent, Matt – Sheffield and myself – Cardiff (plus many other people that will be organising things), will put on an equally good event for you all!!  If there are suggestions / ideas for things that we could do differently, not only for this years Seminar, but for CHECC in general please don't hesitate to get in contact with us!

Anyway onto the important stuff!  The fourth University Caving Seminar is once again going to be held up in the Yorkshire Dales and the date for your diaries is the weekend of the 25th - 27th Nov.  If you didn't come last year then you missed out on an awesome weekend and I can guarantee that this one will be even bigger and better (and more drunken if that's possible!) than the last three.  Each year we have had an increase in the amount of people and clubs attending and all being well this year we will top 150.  For those uni's out there that haven't joined us previous years, fear not, we don't bite!

We'll be staying at the YSS, which has approximately 50 bunks plus camping is available at the Helwith Bridge pub just over the road (if you think that it's a bit too cold to camp, don't worry, it's nothing that a few beers won't cure!).  Bunks will be dealt out on first come first serve basis, to a maximum of 10 beds per uni.  The YSS is a superb location, approximately 14 miles from Ingleton and is ideally placed for caving in the dales.

As done in previous years we'll be arranging caving trips and possibly pre-rigging a few caves but of course clubs / groups are free to go off caving where ever they please. There will also be an SRT workshop, run indoors at Inglesport's climbing wall, with two extremely friendly CIC's and a handful of other people doing the training. This type of training is an excellent way to get your university / union off your back.

There will also be the usual drinking, disco, competitions and prizes.

Like last year we're planning to cater for everyone in the form of cereals, toast, sandwiches and a BBQ on Saturday evening. We do this because it would be really difficult for all the groups to cooking individually in a small kitchen.

At this stage there is still a lot of the organising to be done, so if you want to get involved then please do. This event is run by students for students so we need everyone's help to make it a success. In particular we'll need people to help with the catering, people to lead trips or rig caves, people to help out with the SRT workshop and to run sessions on things they're interested in. People are also welcome to give presentations on any aspect of caving, a round up of this years student friendly Dachstein Expedition is being put on and members will no doubt be looking for keen, young adventurers to join them in future years. So if you can help then let me know.

The price will be £15 per head, which includes the cost of accommodation and food. I want to stress that this isn't priced so that we can make a profit and any money we do make will belong to the council of higher education caving clubs (CHECC) and be used to fund future events. The hope is that CHECC can then become a stronger organisation with the ability to really help university caving clubs.

email unicaving/at/ for more details or if you want to purchase tickets you can either pick up a booking form from Hidden Earth, download one off the CHECC website (available soon from or just simply send a cheque. Knowing how hard it is to get money out of student unions, please email us in advance if you need some sort of invoice.

Finally we will have a CHECC stand at Hidden Earth (23rd –  25th September, only two weeks away!) and there will be a meeting for all the uni clubs attending on the Saturday evening so we hope to see you there.

Hope to hear from you soon,

CHECC chairman