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Between 6 to 24 September 2014 the Bulgarian visited the in Tennengebirge Massif, Austria. The organizer of the expedition was Caving Club & School “Sofia”- Sofia with the assistance of the Bulgarian Federation of Speleology.

The expedition explored the area among the summits of Knalshteyn (2,233 meters) and the  ridges Zomerek and Platenek on East and West sides. During 1980 to 1983 four Bulgarian expeditions were carried out.  They discovered and explored 44 caves. The deepest among them was S1 -584 m, S2  -460 m and S20 -400 m  work continues. 

During the expedition "Tennengebirge 2014" 14 cavers from 5  Bulgarian clubs: PKSU "Sofia", SC "Iskar" PC "Pod Ruba", SC "Academic" and SC "Black Peak" took part. During the expedition a total of seven caves were explored and surveyed. Most interesting were the caves S30 and B&K (The Great). 

The cave S30 was discovered in 1983, when it reached a depth of -115 m. In 2014 we found three parallel pits .  After excavating the gravel choke  at the bottom, the cave continued with a series of pits and halls. The cave was surveyed to -210 m. The cave continues with wide meander followed by a pit which was descended to about 100 meters without reaching the bottom. At this stage the depth of the cave is approximately -300 m. The air temperature varied between 0.7 ° C and 2.2 ° C.

B&K Cave was discovered during the Bulgarian expedition in 2013. The entrance is 6 m in diameter followed by an 80 m deep pit and ending with a narrow passage covered with ice and snow.

Exploration continued to -122 m to a chamber which blocked by ice.
Name    Depth (m)    Length (m)    Altitude( m  a.s.l)
S-6    -33    61    1901
S-30    -210    450    1748
S-40    -17    27    1724
S-44    -36    53    1743
S-45    -27    41    1699
B&K    -122    188    1837
Fau    -16    40    1794
List of the surveyed caves during the expedition
Report by Alexey Zhalov