Author Topic: Can't open therion .kml in google earth  (Read 553 times)

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Can't open therion .kml in google earth
« on: May 06, 2017, 12:04:35 am »
Hello can anyone point out what I'm doing wrong, every time I try to open a .kml exported (from loch) it comes up with an error


original file has this code to specifiy location of point 1:
*cs out OSGB:SK
*fix 1 1079 8179 340

Get a .3d file out of this (if I export in Survex as a .kml, it open in Google Earth but not at the right co-ordinate location...)

Open .3d in Loch

Export as .kml, seem to work

Try to open in Google Earth, get the error:

Open of file ---/cave.kml failed: Parse error at line 1, column 1:not well-formed (invalid token)

The stuff I looked online suggests this means the file is corrupt, anyone know what I've done wrong with it? The same code works fine when exported as a .kml through Aven (albeit it does not pick up the real co-ordinates, which is why I tried to use Loch)

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Re: Can't open therion .kml in google earth
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2017, 02:15:13 pm »
Can you export a .klm from loch? I'm not sure you can, I will check later, do you mean Therion as that's what your thread title implies.

Without seeing all your Th file I'm not too sure what's going on.
I can though see one big error. You need to use 5 digits on your grid ref. Using only 4 will put you cave miles away from where you want it. Also to make it fit GE you may have to fiddle around with the last numbers to place your entrance exactly where you want it. It seems GE images can be a bit distorted so quite often when you do surface surveys of roads, dry stream beds, and entrance to entrance etc they sometimes do not fit too well.

As for the code in your Th file I use this and it works.

survey ChurchPot


station 1.0 "main ent" entrance
fix 1.0 09959 76033 217
declination -1.4 degrees

As you can see the lines are within the survey endsurvey and centreline endcentreline wrappers.
If you do not state the declination Therion will attempt to calculate it for you using the date in your Th file or that's how I understand it.

Hope that helps.