A video thread on UK Caving?

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Lockdown Video No. 8 The Dudley, Caving and Cakes (December 2016. Views 8K)

This cliffhanger serial wasn?t one of my most successful enterprises, but it was one of the most fun to make. It was released in 5 weekly instalments but this ?box set? edition not only includes all episodes, it also has outtakes and some behind the scenes stuff. Watch it to find out how the scene of Mark stuck in a squeeze isn?t quite what it seems.


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Lockdown Video No. 7 A Cave, a Pothole, a Pool and Eternity (April 2019. Views 4.5K)

I made this video, which is mainly a mash-up of two of my other videos, in 2017 to enter in the Kendal Mountain Film Festival. It failed the selection process. In the same year I also entered it in the Video Salon at Hidden Earth where it was not considered to be of sufficient merit to get an award. Neither of these were really surprising as it is a little pretentious to say the least.
Being somewhat despondent I decided not to upload it to my YouTube channel, but for the sake of completeness I eventually uploaded it last year as I was working on the Hidden Earth Video Archive project (https://www.youtube.com/hiddenearthvideoarchive).
I got this comment, ?All this beauty makes me feel so humble . . . man is really the ?blink of an eye?. I?m so grateful for this poetic video as well as I am for the most funny ones. Thank you Keith and co.!? and it made me look at it afresh. I quite like it. Perhaps it?s not too shabby after all?


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I've recently uncovered and added a new video to the Hidden Earth Video Archive (https://youtube.com/hiddenearthvideoarchive) .

This video was featured in a lecture at HE 2019 in Wrexham. It is Episode One of Deep Down Under - a documentary series made in the U.K, by a young British film-maker, caver and explorer, Elise Freshwater-Blizzard.

If any forum members can help me undercover any others videos featured at Hidden Earth please get in touch.




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Lockdown Video No 6 Return To Daren Cilau aka The Corset Video (September 2012. Views 138K)

This video is very special to me for several reasons. It was the first video that I entered in a Hidden Earth Video Salon, it was such fun to make, it put Mark on the caving map (After it?s release he started getting recognised at caving events) and I still use it to end my caving talks. (Seeing the audience, mainly the women it has to be said, with tears streaming down their cheeks does wonders for my self-esteem as a film-maker.

And it still amazes me how many YouTube viewers think it?s all real!


PS It got absolutely nowhere in the video salon and it?s not my only attempt at humour that has failed to impress the judges.


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Lockdown Video No 5 Potholing - Where Big Men Get Into Small Holes (January 2017. Views 7.6K)

This is my version of a sketch from the Fast Show which aired on UK television from 1994 to 1997. It was filmed at Eldon Hole in Derbyshire. During the making of this film I managed to fly my drone into a tree growing out above the 200? deep shaft and the drone made a rapid descent of the pothole. The drone was beyond economic repair but I did get ?136 for the mangled bits on ebay.

It?s another example of humour that failed to impress the Hidden Earth judges. :confused:


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Lockdown Video No 4 Caver Keith?s Back Underground (May 2016. Views 8.2K)

This is possibly one of the worst films I?ve ever made so why have I included it in the top 5? This was my come back video after my enforced 6 month layoff from caving. Brendan and Mark arranged a weekend at SWCC for me to include a couple of beginner trips. We hatched up the plot between us and had enormous fun filming it. After we had finished filming the quarry fall scene we re-attached Bob (my stunt double?s head) and left him sitting in one of the toilet cubicles. An unwary girl stumbled upon him and I?m told that her scream could be heard on the other side of the valley.

Happy times.


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Lockdown Video No 3 Hey, Hey, We?re The Dudley (October 2017. Views 3.5K)

I?m a member of Dudley Caving Club, a small Midlands based club. We?re often referred to as the Dudley lot or just The Dudley and this gave me the idea for this short video. I re-wrote the lyrics to "(Theme from) The Monkees? the theme song for the TV series The Monkees which aired in the 60s. This version was sung by Nige Atkins, who I owe a huge debt of gratitude to. In the video I attempted to recreate the zany antics of the Monkees which formed the opening sequence to the show. I used it as the first part of the 2017 Hidden Earth Opening Video.


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Lockdown Video No 2 Keith's Cavers in The Search for the Missing Potholer (September 2018. Views 8K)

According to the Book of Proverbs ?Pride goeth before a fall? and this video undoubtably signalled the end of my success as a cave videographer, attracting comments such as ?To use this as the opening AV for Hidden Earth was in my opinion an extremely poor choice.? In spite of this it is still one of the films I?m most proud of making. Out of all my videos it?s the one that took me the most time to film and edit. I?d love to make a sequel but if I do I will think twice about showing it in public or entering it in a competition.


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Lockdown Video No 1 The World of Caving (December 2017. Views 45K)

Here it is, my favourite out of all the videos what I have made.
It?s a rare thing for the CK studios to get a commission. However I was asked to make an opening video for A Golden Age of Cave Exploration, an event organised to celebrate 50 years of pioneering British cave exploration and scientific research.
I was flattered, but creating a new video from scratch with no clear brief in a mere 7 weeks was a very tall order, but I completed the video with days to spare. It?s yet another of my videos that has divided opinion but it went on to win best in show at the NSS convention in 2018 and almost always gets a spontaneous round of applause when I show it during one of my caving talks. The full story behind the video can be read at http://blog.dudleycavingclub.org.uk/2017/12/the-story-of-world-of-caving.html.


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For those who use Final Cut Pro X for editing their videos, have you come across this online resource?


The lessons are clearly delivered in bite-sized chunks. I've learned quite a few things.


I made this video in Lockdown #1. Don't think I shared it here...

Maybe in Lockdown #2 I'll actually edit my actual caving footage!



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Just a little amble around with some new folks  :)



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"Buckland and the Bone Caves".  Shot in March, a few days ahead of the first lockdown.

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What a fabulous little film. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can recommend that everyone sets aside 12 minutes to give it a view. I learned a lot.