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Bad air / pollution / bad bolts / etc

mr conners

Cheers Ditzy.
I will keep my eyes peeled for it next time we have a trip down there.
Just wondered is it part of the ginging or below the ginging? If its below and can be removed withouit de-stabilising the whole lot then I suppose its no bother.


New member
I suspect it's the boulder that was mentioned some time ago by Dave Carlisle (Mine Inspector working for PICA).
A group of us had a close look and decided that removing it would do more harm than good, hence the comment that kicking it down the shaft was inadvisable. A RSJ "stemple" would be a better solution.
If anyone has the time and inclination let me know, I might even provide the RSJ.
Why don't I sort it?- I'm far too busy working on The Boulder Piles and will be for some time.


Well-known member
About 3m/10ft below the crib at the bottom of the ginging the shaft is more like a worked vein/stope. To one side of the free hang is a wedged jumble of boulders, one of the larger ones has a prominent overhanging nose. This has a crack in it and the nose can be wobbled without appearing to move the remainder of the boulder(s). I didnt wish to loosen it as we had the pitch rope below us with several bags attached for hauling out.
I think it could perhaps do with reassesment if not remedial action.
The whole entrace shaft area has a temporary feel at the moment due to the gradual loss of material from the bottom of the shaft area


If someone decides some work is required let me know and a few of us from Stanley Head OEC will be happy to lend a hand.


Active member
Streaks Pot (again)

Made the through trip this time, and found the lower entrance perfectly intact (although rather more concrete and less oil barrel) so I was in completely the wrong place last time. However:

Throughout the lower streamway (from West Choke all through to route 66) we had intermittant smells of diesel/petroleum. Not strong but frequently present. In the draft it wasn't an issue but in places of still air we all felt a bit more tired than perhaps would hsve been normal. Not sure if it was bad air as such - but definately worth keeping an eye on.


Well-known member
I went up Boss Aven in Giants the other day, and the top of the rope around the thread is still very frayed - I guess not many people go up there!


New member
bubba said:
This topic only for updates on current alerts. Keep all discussion regarding any particular alert to seperate topics please.
Was in the Devonshire mine today and noticed one of the p hangers is lose, I believe the resin has lost contact with the wall, and the anchor moves.
I believe the pitch is called Hells Well, as you go into the old show cave, it's on the left hand side, as you go up hill.
The anchor in question is the nearest anchor, actually over the pitch head .
For those still wishing to do the pitch there is a spit about 6 inches underneath this, and it's still in good condition.


JR1973 said:
For those still wishing to do the pitch there is a spit about 6 inches underneath this, and it's still in good condition.

Seriously - I bet the loose P hanger is stronger than the spit.  I'd put money on it.

I'll raise it with DCA and arrange a visit.




Nickergrove Mine, Stoney Middleton -  Through-Trip Blocked

The third descent on the through-trip from the internal shaft to didsbury shaft is blocked by a fallen boulder.
Boulder roughly 3 x 2 x 1 ft is not wedged in and could be hoisted out or broken in-situ (or carried out on the shoulder of a Desperate Dan sized person).

Glad we hadn't rigged it for a pull-through!


Giants Hole - loose P-bolt for abseil/lower into Crabwalk after Giants Windpipe on round trip.

Report yesterday from John Geeson that one of the P-bolts used for the abseil/lower into the Crabwalk on the Giants round trip is showing some movement. Hasn't failed but as with all anchors test it - make sure satisfied - before using.

DCA Equipment Officer is aware and will be looked at soon as possible.


Jon daniels

New member
Went into Robins Shaft mine this morning and by the time we dropped to Lord chamber the air was bad , two of us with dizziness and shortness of breath so quickly ascended up to near the entrance where the air was lots better and the symptoms went.

There is no water or ventilation in there so thought it may be quite bad but it was very noticeable.

regards jon


That's interesting. I was down there with two others on December 6th last year and the air was absolutely fine everywhere (including the Lord's Chamber area) so things have changed quite quickly.

Jon daniels

New member
Hi Yeh don't know how quickly it can change but been in places before within weeks and one day ok next time poor air, yesterday was really low pressure which I believe doesn't help , and loads of farm sewage everywhere ..
Probably be fine next time hopefully getting down there soon with Dcro gas meter to get an accurate reading



New member
It could be my brain/eyes acting up in the wee hours last night (this morning I guess), but I thought it looked like the 2nd P bolt down from the top of West Swirl Passage in Oxlow seemed a bit funny in its slight looseness.  As I was standing around it if for a minute I gave it a little wiggle and the bottom seemed to move slightly more than the top, which struck me as a bit odd.  I suspect its perfectly fine, but figured I'd mention it.  I'd imagine someone can confirm that in the near future given the amount of traffic through oxlow.



Dropped into Robin's Shaft tonight with a fairly strong group from my regular Tuesday night crowd.

I carried both DCA's meters with me, and recorded the levels of both oxygen and carbon dioxide at several points down the shaft, and up in Lord's Chamber.

Recent very low temperatures have probably helped, but the current levels of CO2 are uniformly around 0.5% throughout the mine - which is fine. I can supply the actual figures if anybody wants them.

Pete K

Well-known member
I've had an unconfirmed but trusted report that the belay stakes at Eldon Hole are dangerously rusted after an inspection. We will look into this as soon as possible but in the mean time please treat the stakes as highly suspect. Do not belay from the fence posts. South route does not rely on stake anchors.
I hope to check this out on Thursday 2nd April and confirm the exact routes effected. Help also needed on this date at Axe Hole.

Pete Knight
DCA Projects

Pete K

Well-known member
ELDON HOLE - Update 2/4/15
I popped up to Eldon Hole today and had a look at the ground anchors. Once I?d kicked a bit of soil out the way to expose the base of the posts I gave them all a visual and ?kick? inspection. The following were my observations based on no qualifications but the view of "would I take clients here":

North route ? Both anchors appear in good condition. Removed old rusty maillon that was occupying one hole.
South route ? Single anchor looked in okay condition.
East route ? Both bollards showed signs of corrosion. The base of bollard marked ?C? was particularly bad. Recommend DO NOT USE. Treat bollard ?D? as suspect too.
West route ? Both bollards showed signs of corrosion. The base of bollard marked ?A? was showing large amounts of corrosion. Recommend DO NOT USE. Bollard ?B? should be thought of as suspect too.

The DCA is not the cave police or the HSE. Cavers using any anchor do so at the own risk and should first check that the anchor is suitable for their intended use. Ground anchors especially should be thoroughly scrutinised before use. If someone is happy to take on the job of organising a replacement set of anchors then great, I will happily help as much as I can. If not, I'm in busy work season now and they will be addressed in the autumn.

Pete Knight
DCA Projects