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Caption Competition!!


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Bugger, we've caught up with a fresher's trip and there's the inevitable log jam at the pitch.


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langcliffe said:
Ouroboros slowly oozed from the rock, with its intended victims mesmerized below.

Something like this?


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Best watch that mining artefact, one of those Mendipshire lads will have it away for a stemple down a dig before you can say "Stull"


'hmmm, this cave appears to enter into the u bend of Goliaths lavatory.. Thank god we didn't arrive 2 mins earlier'

Roger W

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I know people have started to question the long-term durability of resin anchors, but do you really think that giant rawlplugs like this one are the answer?


Lockdown can get a bit tedious, but that is a great log.
Fancy coming back next week to watch it again?


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Jacques and Phillipe briefly pause to contemplate that they should not have taken the Chunnel maintenance contract, nor indeed poked it.