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Caption Competition!!


Wellies where soundly positioned and aligned to port and starboard in great anticipation...................


Staff member
Apologies for the delay in choosing a winner - I'd love to say I've been busy partying the night away over New Year, however I haven't.....

My favourite captions are:

Boy Engineer: ?Turns out these no-drop Christmas trees aren?t waterproof?

Steve Clark: "When it floats, I'll be Rose and you can be Jack"

Crickleymal: One of us is going to have to go and change. We've come in matching outfits.

Martin Wright: We're not the tree fellers - there's only two of us.

Brains: This place rarely floods, just the odd bit of straw gets washed in....

cfmwh: If we pull this out, we can call it Jenga Pot......no, wait.........shit!

T Pot 2: Can't remember this trunk route😯

Voidifopened: Two of Santa's little helpers delivering Cerberus's Christmas Present.

Mark: Its no good Harry, if we are going to keep this new entrance into Draenen from being blocked, we shall need a bigger wand

Over to random.org....

1st Prize goes to Mark - congratulations - one light is now yours!

2nd prize goes to T Pot 2 - and one Berger Book for you

3rd prize goes to Boy Engineer who also wins a Berger Book.

Thanks so much to all who entered, some ingenious and funny captions - as ever.

We're in for a tough couple of months I reckon and if the last lockdowns are anything to go by the forum will be busy - so every post, competition entry etc that entertains your fellow caver is great, thank you  :hug:

Winners - please PM me to arrange getting your prizes to you  ;)

Boy Engineer

Active member
What a grand start to 2021! Excited to read about somewhere I?m unlikely to see in person, now I?m decrepit 😂. Thanks very much. Happy New Year to one and all.

Boy Engineer

Active member
I?m going to need a bigger coffee table. Berger book arrived safely this morning and it?s fantastic! Thanks to all involved.


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