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Caption Competition!!

Ian Ball

Well-known member
"Just act naturally, but get as close as you can to the freezing water and stand as still as you can for a slow shutter speed photo"


FFS stop whingeing!  In the old days the likes of Leakey and Boon thought nothing of a splinter like that!


Well-known member
Its no good Harry, if we are going to keep this new entrance into Draenen from being blocked, we shall need a bigger wand


The British Telecom Caving Club were beginning to regret their decision to let their oldest member come on their caving trip. He will insist on sticking to his "tried and tested" telephone pole climbing gear rather than convert to the "that new-fangled modern SRT crap"...


Staff member
Once again I'm amazed at the variety of captions folks come up with, thanks to everyone who has entered so far  (y) (y)

Couple of days to go..then watch out for another competition  :D ;)

Roger W

Well-known member
It's what's known as a rod, pole or perch.  So if your balance is good you can sit on it.