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Caving Songs


Well-known member
The British Caving Library has just acquired some copies of a book of caving songs produced by the late Bob Leakey.

There is no actual title or date on the cover of the duplicated publication but the introduction says , "... These songs are issued for the enjoyment of potholers, ...". There are 17 songs in all and each song is printed opposite a hand-drawn page of music; all the tunes are well-known songs, such as the Skye Boat Song, She'll be comin' round the Mountain, The Lincolnshire Poacher, etc.

Some of the songs are credited to "B.S.A.", others have an author listed: e.g. Mossy Powell, E.J.Mason, George Butterworth, etc. The introduction also thanks Tom Crossley for "... undertaking the tedious business of copying the music into stencils."

If anyone else has come across this and knows more about it, such as the date it was produced, we'd really like to know.

This has been flagged up in another topic recently, entitled "BSA Song Book". For completeness it's mentioned by Graham Balcombe in CDG Letter to Members No.20 (31st December 1950).

FGB refers to it by the title "Songs of a Potholer" and, as this CDG material was published at the end of 1950, it suggests Bob Leakey's booklet of songs may also have been published during 1950.

(Hope this helps Jenny.)