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Life and Limb

Cumbrian Neil

New member
I recently read "Life and Limb" by Jamie Andrew... he talks of going caving during his rehab... it sounds like went into the Valley Entrance and West Kingsdale Master Cave... can anyone confirm this guess as being accurate??



Don't know the whereabouts of the cave - but read the book when it came out - awesome bloke. I was in Chamonix boarding the week that they were stuck up there. It was strange to be there, looking up at the Doites and thinking there were a couple of lads from Sheffield stuck up there.

I went to see him give a lecture in Sheffield. Inspirational to see him wandering around the bar, pint in stumps. 8)

even had a quick chat with him about the girl he mentions in the book from Edinburgh with the artificial leg - Juliet snow. I was in her year at school in Bakewell when she left to have it amputated (cancer) :shock: .

Was really weird to be reading about her nearly 15 years later. Sounds like she's doing well.

Anyway - I'm rambling, Anyone who's not read it, go out and get it. Highly recommended.


Cumbrian Neil

New member
Rambling... that's exactly what this place is for! It definitely is a good read. I was affraid that it was going to be a "Touching the Void" spin off, but in the end it turned out to be an different read with many not-so-uplifting spots in it. Can you imagine being ripped off the mountain by a helicopter??