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Photos from Samuel Grube (silver mine) in Kongsberg Norway.


New member
We had a forum trip down a silver mine 2 weeks ago and here are some pics. It's around 170-180m down to the water from the top. The total depth is around a kilometres!


Francis  ;)



what a fun time you had.

well done lads and lasses.


Excellent photos - really sharp - what setup where you using - did you have a separate flash or was that just the inbuilt flash (any possiblility of a translation on the comments).

Looks like a fantastic trip.


New member
Hi, glad you liked the pics. It's not me who took the photos, Axel took them (the oldest guy on the pics).

The equipment used was:
Olympus E-300 (with 14-45mm f3.5 kit lens)
Olympus FL-50 dedicated flash (Guide# 50, with focus assist IR light)

I might translate at least some of the comments but it will have to wait a bit until i'm done with my exams.

Francis  ;)


New member
What does this mine look like compared to mines in the UK?

Will see if i can post some pics from future trips too :)

Francis  ;)


New member
c**tplaces said:
francis said:
Jagman said:
Nice pics ;)
Non of the ladders usable then?
.....mostly they were to rotten to climb on.
Francis ;)
That would not stop Jagman...

You say the nicest things Darkplaces ;)
I do admit to having a bit of a fetish for climbing rotten ladders :-\ preferably unlifelined.
Besides, somebody has to climb them 1st with a rope for others to follow :LOL:


Active member
Showed the photos of Samuel Grube at the monthly meeting of the Crymych Underground Nautical Training Society last night.  It went down very well.  A question came up which even I could not answer:  On page 7 there are photos of some tourist who do not appear to be wearing SRT gear.  How did they get in?  Is there an easy walk in entrance, or are they in a different mine?


New member
There is a train into that level that tourists can take and have a guided tour.

There are two main levels in kongsberg, underbergstollen and overbergstollen. The way it works is that many mines go from the top and end up in one horisontal tunnel. lot's of them continue below this level but they are all connected. underbergstollen is about 6 km long if i remember correctly. Overbergstollen is the same kind of thing but i have not been there and i don't know how long it is.

The mine we were in goes into underbergstollen and by chance we met a load of tourists being guided. The mine is much deeper than this but is waterlogged from underbergstollen and downwards.

There is also a hall that is used for large dinners like company xmas partys in kongens gruve (where the train goes).




There is also a film from the mines here that shows the train etc.

Some info about kongsberg and it's mining industry in english

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Francis ;)



Hhoo tat's one atmosphreric video,

I'd like to see the place in person,

Thinks.............................. how to convince swimbo to let me go


New member
I'm sure the director at the mining museum would issue a few permits for going mining if an arrangement like that was taking place in town. The mines were made into a mational park in 1992 and because of some stupid rules you need to apply to visit them (not the tourist thing of course). We had a permit for this trip and it looks like the mining museum director is thawing up and issuing more permits than before :)
There are also a few limestone caves in kongsberg but they are very small. I have not been there yet but i will some time when i get time and more importantly a lift ;)

Francis  ;)