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Welsh Wezzit


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Anyone know this lovely place

Long Drop

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Defo not Elm Hole. Cathedral Cave? This is a guess, on the basis that I've never been to the cathedral cave resurgence and just don't recognise the resurgence in the picture... There's a dive line coming out and the sand is similar to that found in places in DyO.


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Yes it is Fynnon Ddu, a small and calm resurgence for such a big streamway
...and here is a photo that looks a bit similar but is urtterly insignificanr compared to Ffynnon Ddu - it is not the next Welsh Wezzit, the sensible image will be posted in a few minutes.


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Might be time for a clue Graigwen?
Well that was what I was thinking.

The first two pictures I was going to post I rejected as too obscure, neither being on the Cave Registry yet - this was intended to be a more obvious challenge. I thought the woods visible beyond the cave entrance would be a clue.

I will settle for identification of either the cave picture or the resurgence cave entrance. They are both on the Cave Registry and both south of Ogof Draenen.