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Not my favourite pitch...
Well, that’s a bonus. I now know that what I thought was a picture of the bottom of Bull Pot is in fact Tatham Wife. And in fact goes with all the other pictures of Tatham Wife we got on the same day….

The interesting pitch in Tatham is the one at the end of the rift if you don’t go down the Ramp way. You will prob prefer the duck or climb the next time.


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Since Chris got the last one there's been no activity for 11 days and the topic's dropped off the "recents" page. So I hope Chris doesn't object if I jump in with an interim quickie? This one should hopefully not be too difficult:



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From my original post (so not perdition!):

"Idea borrowed from another forum, whoever guesses the correct location gets to post their own picture - only condition is that it is a well-known section of cave not some obscure dig."