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Right, when I said that ny last post was 'sneaky', I was trying to suggest that it's the same passage as my previous post – i.e. upstream of the sumps separating upstream and downstream Bull Pot of the Witches; it is, in fact, very near to the upstream sump in BPoW.

So – I suggest anybody who wants to dive in with their picture does so.


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Here’s one I took last week. 200m through trip. Clues:

1. it’s not in the Dales
2. there are large number of flags on top of it.

I’ve just had a lovely lobster and some wine. It’s over 20degC and the beach is full of people swimming in the Atlantic.



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No takers? It’s at the top of the picture. You can take a small boat through. Although it could be a one way trip with tide. Kinsale.

Above is a £500 a round course you could lose many many balls on give the interesting position of some greens.

I am out of meaningful UK cave photos.