What caving related thing did you do today?


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Threw loads of Seamgrip (runny Aquasure) on my brand new AV Oversuit, and used the Seamgrip to glue a bit of tubular tape over the bottom section of the shoulder strap on my brand new Petzl Portage bag.

Because the best repair is the one you make _before_ it gets broken...


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Had a peep down Butterholes. Except that was yesterday. There's an interesting little gorge parallel to the road heading down towards Hawes in the ML, with a linear series of shakeholes parallel to it. Am not up to date with caves in the Middle Limestone. Seems to be a reasonably thick bed. Any significant systems in it? I guess Cliff Force would be, as it seems to be in the same bed as the Butterholes, but across the valley


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Is that the Buttertubs? Next to the road as you drive over Buttertubs Pass from Wensleydale towards Thwaite in Swaledale? Down in the mini gorge to the right of the road are two main resurgence caves. Cliff Force Cave is by far the longer and is associated with some even longer drainaige routes. The other one is Cliff Beck Head Cave, which is the resurgence for the Buttertubs and also for the sink of the surface beck.

There is a splendid article describing all this in MSG Journal 7. All of these excellent Journals are available online, kindly hosted by  the North York Moors Caving Club: http://nymcc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/MSG7.compressed.pdf

See pages 13-15 and 34. Happy reading!


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Funny you mention that, as we discussed that very point at the bottom of one of the 'warning' pitches, and decided that it was actually fine, compared to some other mines I've been in recently. That said, the pitch I was looking for appears to have disappeared under a heap of rubble, so you may have a point.

Can I just point out as well - there is SO much fragmented phreatic cave in Odin. There, I wrote it :)


Fashioned another digging tool


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