What caving related thing did you do today?


Washed my kit after the first Otter Hole trip of the season.

Logbook shows that we were the last people in there (on 25th September).


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Went sump flopping. Laid more line. Looks good as always!

Fitted a P-zip in a one piece caving wetsuit (with thanks to Topcat on here for advice on how to do this, some time ago).
Awestruck! I used to take groups of young teenagers from my old school down various caves in Mendip. Little sister (blond, scarily pretty) used to come along too. Whenever we reached a troublesome piece of cave (hellish tight, drainpipe, narrow bits in Sidcot Swallet etc) where the male teenagers showed signs of uncertainty, a happy soprano piped up ' Yes, it's a little narrow, but I first went through it when I was ten". I've never met a better way of motivating peri-pubertal teenagers....
Even so, 36 seconds one way would have been good going...


Yesterday - went down Aygill, past the 1st pitch, into the stream passage until just before the water starts dropping, where I got both my shoulders and my left wellie stuck (I'm 6'2" and 50" around the shoulders, size 12 feet). There were only two of us, so retreat was the better part of valour: getting back up would have been even harder. Went home, got the tent and awning erected and sprayed with water/UV protector. Left to dry in the sun and then packed away ready for the Gaping Gill winch meet in 3 weeks time. Yay! Most excited at returning after missing two years.

Today. Went down our dig to try and pump the water out of the rift so we can keep digging on down. Not a lot of success, but, as usual, we learnt a few things.


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Read the description of Streaks Pot in Selected Caves and wonder if I dare try it at the end of the month...


Sorted my kit after Otter, again...

At least this time, I made good use of the bathtub yesterday, so it wasn't too squalid today!


Fixed some elbows and knees.

Thanks to Kermit for the offcuts of Warmtex (y)