What caving related thing did you do today?


Not today, but on Saturday, we had a nice family day out at the South Glos Mines Research Group open day at Old Oldwood Pits colliery, in the next village.

We had a guided tour of the site, with a lot of insights into the industrial history of the area, including a look at the restored drift entrance and shaft head. My six year old daughter even got to pull a drag tray, which would have been pulled by a child, not much older!

Free tea and cake followed, while we avoided the rain, and the sun came out in time for a traction engine to turn up to collect some coal.

We ended up staying much longer than I'd expected, so I unfortunately missed the GCRG auction, but everyone had a great day regardless.






Took the kids to Ogof Clogwyn this afternoon.

The star of the show was my four year old, who had been extremely nervous of the waist-deep water heading in, but after 10 minutes of very steady progress, and plenty of support, he was leading the way, splashing about and having a whale of a time!

Seen grinning here 2nd from left.


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Helping out a British caver with some info about caving in Belgium and preparing my next expedition to our Rigotte project in France (september)

The British caver contacted me via this forum :)


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Wondered about making a small tacklesack out of a beer festival banner that has blown onto our street. In the end decided to ask if the cricket club wants it back before I chop it up :D

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Sorted the kit from The Friday Nighters visit to The Mine Shafts last night. Earlier wrote an account for my clubs journal. Emailed out the group report to try to get them motivated for Tuesday. Its like herding cats !


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Attended a geology walk in the Clydach Gorge, arranged by the Cambrian Caving Council. Thank you Alan, Martin and everyone else who was there. It was a really good day.


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Agreed sale of a 100m rope to someone!
Unrelated to above, agreed in principle a trip with 2 or 3 other people, so I won't be caving or mining as Billy-no-mates for a change 😉