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Ian Ball

Well-known member
Vulcan said:
Skippy starts installing random lids near to existing ones to confuse visitors.

I was thinking the latest Welsh/Mendipian conservation technique of installing fake entrance lids for people to grind locks off.


Smiles all round as a Cornish caver passes their Mendipian lock/gate removal exam.

[Should add, I'm very much in favour of uninformed public dissuading measures such as lids where needed and also I have no reason to suspect the Cornish are more gate breakers than installers but being from Devon,  the odd chance to insult the Cornish is appreciated]


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Duck ditch said:
I?m standing on the shoulders of giants.
Given the caption and the prize offer, only someone who knows me very personally would come up with that quote 🤔👍


Staff member
The judge is working on finding a winner.  Announcements to be made as soon as she can.  Sometimes other matters take priority.  Be patient please.

Roger W

Well-known member
Don't let the pressure get to you!


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Thanks to everyone who took part, a great response  (y) ;)

The shortlist is (including Mark's favourites):

1)  Vulcan: The cast for the the new series of the Clangers begins to be revealed.  (I loved the Clangers as a kid  ;))

2)  cavermanmike:  We must have been under water longer than we thought
                                Captain, there's an awful lot of sediment on this submarine

3)  roo.walters4:    Cavers find a foolproof way out of Wales during lockdown.

4)  langcliffe:  Finals of the UK Whac-A-Mole National Championship.

5)  mrodoc: Is the pandemic over yet?

6)  digscaves:  Nature watch surprises a very rare creature, an active caver, emerging from a government subsidised isolation burrow. Please maintain at least 2m distance.

7)  tobyk:    After months of lockdown, these first few moments are a kin to lowering yourself in to a hot bubbly bath...it feels gooood...

8 )  IanP:  Uh oh, can open, Skippys everywhere!

9)  RogerW: Caverns measureless to man?  It goes straight down and I'm standing on the b*~~dy bottom!

10)  Duckditch: I?m standing on the shoulders of giants.

11)  Topimo  We hit the motherlode! There's 5000 more Berger books down here!

Over to Random.org and the winning number is 6 - digscaves - congratulations!!

Thanks again to everyone who took the time and trouble to enter.

More competitions coming soon - if you have a photo suitable for a caption competition, please PM me, thank you, Pegasus  ;) (y)


New member
Thanks Mark for donating the prize and Pegasus for organising the competition. Look forward to reading this.