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Win a copy of the excellent Karst, Caves & People!!


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Pegasus said:
Pegasus said:
Joe Duxbury said:
How can the unlucky non-winners get copies of this book?

I'll find out if you enter  ;) ;)

Thanks for entering, Joe - had hoped a few more folks would do the same.

Hopefully this link will shed some light on how you buy a copy of this lovely book:


Ignore this comment, my reading comprehension is awful... If an admin wants to save my blushes I'd appreciate it..
Looks like I missed the party but in the interests of entering into the spirit of the competition for a laugh, my avatar is a pic of me in a filing cabinet at a particularly boozy office party in 1980 and kind of reflected my move back into caving politics after taking on the BCA Secretary's job - old administrators never die, they're just filed away to be retrieved in the future!
What amazes me is the fact I could get into a filing cabinet (must have been the alcoholic lubrication), came in handy caving though. I doubt I could even reach into the back of a filing cabinet these days - technology has come to the rescue - reaching across a keyboard is a doddle.


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Anyone know psychocrawler?? Could you give them a nudge please? Have PM'd but no response  :(

Thank you  (y)
Many thanks to UKCaving for organising the competition, Roo Walters for donating the book and Pete Bolt for coming up from the ?sarf? all those years ago to take the avatar picture in the first place.
Looking forward to reading it - I?ve never won any competition before so I?m somewhat flabbergasted.
The book has arrived and I can highly recommend it. What a prize!

It is a fitting complement to the International Year of Caves and Karst from the home of karst at Postojna in Slovenia in a limited edition of 1000.

It is lavishly illustrated with excellent photos, predominantly from Slovenia and surrounding countries but also from around the world, even including someone prussicking up a rope in Yorkshire.

Nadia Zupan Hajna has done a great job with a highly effective educational offering that supercedes Tony Waltham?s armchair classic ?Caves?.

Definitely one for the library and something that will inspire the next generation of potholers.