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Ernst Alfred Hauser (1896 - 1956)
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Ernst Alfred Hauser (1896 - 1956)

In the outside caving world Hauser was a little known Austrian caver.  But in Vienna he is famous his work at the famous Eisriesenwelt  [World of the Ice Giants] Cave at Salzburg.  He was a chemist of Jewish ancestry and a member and benefactor of the Salzburg Caving Club.  He financed the construction of a foot path to the Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave and provided a considerable caving equipment to assist visitors to the cave.  In 1921 Hauser organised and financed an expedition to Eisriesenwelt. He himself investigated the formation of the ice and the meteorological situation. A few weeks later, the former director of the Caving Club demanded the exclusion of Hauser from the Club, as according to the statutes the membership was granted only to persons of Aryan ancestry. This led to a conflict in the club committee which ended with the expulsion of the former director. Hauser who in the meantime had left the club was accepted as member again. In the following years Hauser's mother-in-law accused him of having murdered his first wife. The investigations of the police and the law court lead to no indictment. After having finished his studies at the University of Vienna in 1921 Hauser worked at the University of Gottingen until 1923 and obtained a doctorate. He then worked in industrial companies in Frankfurt am Main and near Vienna.  His specialty being colloid chemistry.  In 1935 he emigrated to the USA and became Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



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