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Holme Bank Mine problems again
« on: April 20, 2017, 12:01:52 pm »
The owner of nearby Holme Hall is now refusing ALL access to Holme Bank Mine, regardless of which entrance is used. 

He insists that Joe Oldfield does not own the land next to Entrance 2 and has no right to grant access via this entrance, despite DCA being advised that Mr. Oldfield does have this right.  The Holme Hall owner confronted a group of cavers on Saturday, 15th. April, refused all permission to enter the mine by any entrance and insisted that they leave.  He made a number of unfounded allegations about the behaviour of cavers in general and instructed parties; he also threatened to call the police.

DCA is taking up the matter urgently with Chatsworth Estates, who are understood to own the land around the site.

DCA will seek to resolve this situation as quickly as possible but, in the mean time, we have to reluctantly suggest that cavers avoid visiting the mine so that there is no risk of a confrontation with the owner of Holme Hall.

Jenny Potts,
DCA Hon. Secretary


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