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Caving trips wanted!

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Hi All,

I will be coming to the UK mid July with all my caving gear and am keen to get underground if anyone is happy for me to join their trips, get to know the locals and some of their caves!

I'm fully capable of looking after myself underground so no need to teach or mentor me, I just need people to cave with!

I'll be in the south west early August, then Yorkshire mid August with no plans until the end of August.

Also interested in trips to Europe.



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I'll be away all July, but may well be up for something   in August in the Dales.

Where are you coming from?

New Zealand.

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Dales sounds good as I'll be in Bradford in August visiting family

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Ian Ball:
Big trek to drag caving gear, if you check out ebay a little nearer you might be able to buy a full kit here, then sell it before you leave.

Will you be heremat the time of the cpc wich meet?


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