Help wanted with ideas for websites to link New to Caving to + Banners

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Pegasus: has been designed to inspire and encourage new people to try our fabulous sport.  Over the next weeks and months, Tim and I will be contacting relevant websites, asking them to link to New to Caving.

Would you please help? 

If you run a website where a link to NTC would be useful to visitors to your site, please do put a link on - there are a couple of banners below.

We could also do with ideas of websites to link to - there will be lots we just haven't thought of, if you know of any please do let us know.

Thank you, Pegasus & Badlad  :thumbsup:

Thanks for your hard work on this!

I've stuck a link on Exeter's homepage ( and will stick a banner on after Fresher's Week, as we're soon going to add a big "Sign Up" banner and don't want it to be too confusing  :)

Linked to from within the Matienzo web site.

The Old Ruminator:
The link said " Bandwith Limit Exceeded " today.

Thanks, Ari  :thumbsup:  Thanks, Juan  :thumbsup:

New to caving back up and running - it had been too busy for it's own good  ;D

Thanks also to the one other person who contacted me directly with an idea of a website to link to, much appreciated... :thumbsup:

Anyone else any ideas??


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