Author Topic: We have a winner (and runner up) of the Warmbac competition  (Read 881 times)

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We have a winner (and runner up) of the Warmbac competition
« on: March 31, 2017, 10:45:26 pm »

Thanks to Warmbac for the two great prizes:


First prize a Rigger Tackel Bag and second prize a pair of the famous warmbac long neoprene wetsocks.

Many thanks to all who entered this competition - what a fantastic response  :thumbsup:

..and of course, many thanks to Kermit for donating the fab Warmbac prizes and once again supporting the forum  :thumbsup:

So many entries to choose from so used a scientific approach to deciding on a winner - read each one and chose the two that made me laugh the most....

First prize goes to Paul: So they though tying my arm to a builder's ladder would stop me caving - well they were wrong! (It wouldn't stop Badlad caving either  ;D )

Second prize goes to Speleofish: It's the new 'Viagraladder'. Uncoil it, give it a rub and Hey Presto!  ;D

Congratulations to you both.  I'll be in touch by PM to arrange getting your prizes to you, Pegasus
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