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Seemingly un-connected, possible change in the law

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It seems like they are wanting to change the law so they can turf off travellers off private land.

You may be asking, what has that got to do with caving access? Well we all know that some like to pirate occasionally, and at the moment that is not a criminal offence but I assume if "Deliberate trespass" referenced in the article becomes a criminal law it's a whole different ball game and could mean all sorts of issues for caves without permits, on non-open access land, even cavers going to jail. I am not saying anyone should be doing it anyway, but it's something to look out for if the law does change.

I am sure some of you would welcome this, but I for one am quite worried, we should not be in a country where cavers could go to jail just for going caving. Also think about all the Urbex explorers.

Perhaps someone in the official organisations should voice (mine?) our concerns, as I doubt cavers and urbex explorers would have even crossed the government's mind.

As it's already like that in Ireland, have any cavers there been prosecuted for caving?

Although, what are the chances of the police responding in the time frame a caver is likely to be there - except for diggers who are already covered by aggravated trespass..?


The police never showed up when my house was broken into so they aren't going to drive up to a fellside somewhere in the hail to investigate a caver.

I had the police contact me when somebody complained I had trespassed on their land and wrote down my van number-plate. She claimed that I was aggressive and refused to get off her land, even though it was her that was aggressive and I wasn't even on her land when she caught me.

I sent the copper an email and told him I had nothing to say and I considered the matter closed! He never got back in touch!

I would not worry about it as the proposed change in the law is specifically 'targeted'.
Its an offence under the Road traffic Act to drive more than 15 yards off a public road without the consent of the landowner. However this is only targeted at illegal off roaders. I have passed police vehicles on Forestry roads in an ordinary motor car without being challenged. A convoy of Land Rovers with exhausts sticking up out of the roof and wheels bigger than a mini could find differently


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