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Post your entries for best cave photograph on this thread.

Best photograph - theme: 'Water'.    To be judged by Tommy Moore, thanks Tommy  :thumbsup:.  Entries in by 10pm, November 24th.  Max 5 entries per Club, however don't forget to mention your Club!  Winner 20 points, runner up 10 points.

Fitting the theme of "Water", I'm very excited to announce that Aquapac have kindly agreed to sponsor this competition.  :beer2:


Aquapac have donated one of their HUGE 70L TrailProof Drybags to keep the winner's kit dry on caving weekends, or on expedition abroad. RRP £44.99

Also, the runner up will receive a 15L TrailProof Drybag, perfect for taking underground. RRP £14.99

There are also plenty of stickers and accessory carabiners to share around as well.

Trailproof Drybags
Aquapac sell excellent drybags and many other waterproof products for a range of outdoor activites:

Phone Cases - a wide range of sizes and design.

Camera Pouches - I own one of their camera pouches and think they're a great tool for this competition ;).

Even Insulin Pump Cases!
So get those cameras out, stick them in something waterproof, and let's see some fun photos.

Water is a great way to add some dynamism to your shots, whether it's the mysterious blur of a long exposure, a close up macro of a single drip hanging from a stalactite tip, the fun of stomping along a streamway, or a shot that shows off the drama and power of water in our adventurous sport - experiment!

[PS Mods could you please add the photo where the asterisk is please, not sure the best way to do it neatly here without uploading to Flickr etc. - thanks.]

A reminder to people to get snapping and to submit you photos before the deadline!

Some very useful prizes up for grabs here, and don't forget the points towards the Grand Prize. :bounce:

If you are attending the photography training session on Saturday, you will be able to submit any photos you take.
However that's a bit last minute, and we might not even go anywhere that wet; so be prepared to get creative with a puddle.  ;D


Since there doesn't seem to be any motivation to enter from undergraduate students, as a masters student I will upload a photo to the competition. The prospect of this photo winning anything should inspire others to submit an entry.

the title of this work is 'Water Pollution at KMC'

Entry from Southampton University Caving Club

Southern CHECC 2018


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