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It's a bit early but this year the British Caving Association AGM will be held in our patch at the Horton-in-Ribblesdale Village Hall on Sunday 9 June 2019 beginning at 10:30am. We urge all cavers to come along, take part and get involved as it can really make a difference to how things are run.

There are several posts available but you need to get any nominations in by Saturday, 13 April 2019.

It's important to get equal involvement from each region so it would be great if Northern cavers want to take a role or two.


In line with the BCA Constitution, each year one third of the posts are up for election. For 2019 these will be:

* Secretary (to serve for 3 years)
* Conservation & Access (to serve for 3 years)
* Treasurer (to serve the remaining 2 years of a 3 year term)
* Publications & Information (to serve the remaining 2 years of a 3 year term)In addition the following Representatives' posts will be up for election:

* 2 Club Representatives (to serve for 2 years)
* 2 Individual Member Representatives (to serve for 2 years)Nominations for posts should include:

* the post the candidate wishes to stand for.
* the candidate’s name, address, phone number, signature and membership number.
* the proposer and seconder’s names, membership numbers and signatures.
* a brief election statement of a maximum of 300 words in length (to be used in the event of multiple nominations).Nominations, plus Items for the Agenda, must reach the Acting BCA Secretary no later than midnight on Saturday, 13 April 2019. The Agenda and Election Statements will then be published here by 28 April 2019.

BCA Group Members should note that for the purposes of voting at the AGM each Group may send one voting delegate who must bring with them a letter signed by an officer giving them the authority to represent that group.

Individual Members should bring their membership card.

Keep an eye out for more details at:

Anyone know if the agenda is out yet? I haven't seen it/ can't seem to find it on the BCA website...

Bob Mehew:

Should mention I intend to rerun in my role as a Direct Individual Member of council. I am a member of the Youth and Development group and have been working on opening access for U18s (which has worked in all but one cave now) including legal advice pertaining to young people going underground. I had minor roles in the setting up of Lancaster and Swansea among other Y&D activities. I have also been working on electronic voting and constitutional reform. I'd be pleased to continue this work if members vote me in.

I submitted my intention to run before the deadline (on the 12th April) but was refused by the secretary who said I needed a signed paper form presented to him at the council meeting. Unfortunately I was in the US on expedition.

Perhaps you had upset the secretary somehow  ;)

I don't believe he can make up these rules unilaterally and try to impose them just before a deadline.  There is no precedent or requirement in the constitution for advance nominations. 

6.3.   Representatives from the classes of Individual and Group Membership shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting, by a show of hands of those present who are eligible to vote. Here the two-house voting system outlined in sub section 8.9 will not apply. Each representative shall serve for a term of two years from the AGM.

The secretary also tried to impose new rules for proposing motions to the AGM which do need to be in by a deadline, however, there is no precedence for other conditions.  I brought it up at the last council meeting and the minuted discussion is copied below;

TA asked RW whether the procedure for submitting AGM motions has changed, citing that RW was now asking for hard copies of proposals to be submitted, wet-signed by the proposer.
RW confirmed that he has not changed his mind on this.
JP commented that historically a proposal must meet the deadline, but a seconder can be sought after.
LW felt we should be accepting proposals by email but that they should have two signatures. 
ME read out the section of the constitution regarding this, emphasising that this states the minimum requirements as being for the proposal to be submitted to the Secretary by midnight on the day of the Council meeting preceding the AGM. ME said it says nothing on what format this takes (electronic or paper), nothing about needing a seconder, and nothing about needing signatures. ME felt we should be working on what the constitution says, and not making up additional rules or requirements beyond what the constitution requires. 
LB felt we should take this discussion as feedback and address the constitution accordingly.
DC suggested it might be easier to put the requirements in the Manual of Operations. 
ME reiterated his earlier point, saying that the BCA has 6000+ members all of who are entitled to put forward a proposal to the AGM, and all of who he believed would look to the constitution for the requirements on doing this. He did not feel people should also have to digest the Manual of Operations too, so this information should not be in the Manual of Operations instead. He raised the matter of what if someone goes away from this meeting and decides to put a proposal in before midnight; they might be able to fulfil all the requirements of the constitution, but are we really going to reject this because of some unpublished additional requirements that seem to be at the discretion of the Secretary? He felt that the bare minimum requirements set out in the constitution should be the only requirements for submitting a proposal, and if the BCA want additional requirements, then they also need to be stated in the constitution. 
AB said he has worked in local Government and doesn’t feel putting conditions for such things in the constitution is right as it gets too complex. He said that precedent from previous meetings should be sufficient to justify requirements not set forward in the constitution. He felt that RW was right to try to formalise the process.
TA agreed but felt that communication of such additional requirements should not come so last minute. 
LW asked if we are happy to accept motions that are put forward to the AGM according to the constitution (i.e. no additional unpublished requirements): For 8, against 5, abstentions 6. LW declared that he expects all non-seconded proposals to be seconded before any discussion.


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