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Panasonic S1 Full Frame
« on: June 23, 2019, 10:17:01 pm »
Went to a photo seminar on Saturday and got to play with the new Panasonic S1 full full frame thing.  Blimey it's gorgeous (wasn't there a song about being gorgeous and modelling a while back?).  Only down side is once you've added all the video toys it's about the same size as the Vespa anti-tank gun I posted about earlier.  Even so didn't seem that unpractical.  Takes Leica lenses too. 
Still for us normal folks it looks pretty cool and gives every one else a run for the money.  As I have couple of Pentax DLSRs I was looking at the Pentax for full frame option as it's rather nice, but this makes me think.
Best (by a close hair) seminar of the day was a really nice gentleman who showed rather than talked.  Very nice pics of Clint Eastwood and Emilia Clarke and Nelson Mandela as he is the official photographer on these sets.  Nice insight.  24mm to 200mm is all you need and don't upset the cast...
My plastic card only suffered from a new Manfrotto tripod and Magic Arm.  Must stop drooling now...


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