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Archive Info
« on: November 17, 2009, 03:47:28 pm »
Been spending some time trawling through the archives of divers reports etc in the Goyden system.

Found the following:
 CDG Newsletters
5th October 1977 Divers RJ Shackleton and JT Griffiths and N Reckert
used scaling poles to look at roof of Goyden 3 and found two silted up tubes
We were right Russ the end point probably for Dead Dog dig!


CDG Newsletters
5th July 1978 Divers RJ Shackleton and JT Griffiths
Investing Goyden sump 5 they found a 'large lake airbell' - quote "After dekitting, a climb out of water was found to lead to a roof bedding and inlet cascading in from a rift above.This was choked 10ft further up."
Dead dog dig must be near the point above the downstream end of sump6. Sump 6 is 12m long to that 'lake airbell' - so dead Dog dig is 12-15m short of probably intersecting that stream, interesting
The inlet rift is also on the same fault line as the North choke which has the inlet as you know - significance?