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The European Cave Protection Commission needs you


Conservation and Access:
The European Cave Protection Commission needs you – represent Britain in Europe-wide work on cave protection!

The incredible and unique environment of caves, shaped over millennia by their geology, biology and history, is something that we all love and want to share with future generations of cavers. However, this environment can also be fragile and in need of our protection, which is why cavers, speleologists and mine explorers all over Europe are working separately and together on cave conservation projects.

The European Cave Protection Commission (ECPC), part of the Fédération Spéléologique Européenne, is calling for volunteers from caving communities across Europe to help us work together to protect our caves. The ECPC have a new initiative to create a database of conservation activities with information on examples of polluted and pristine caves. Through working together and compiling the conservation knowledge within our community, we will be more effective in dealing with threats to the cave environment which are increasing in scale – including the threat of climate change, and political aspects which affect active cave conservation.

In his call for help, Jean-Claude Thies, president of the ECPC, said, “more team members mean more power and more international presence that again are factors that position the ECPC at a higher level of importance.”

If you’re actively involved in cave conservation in the UK or are simply passionate about ensuring our caves remain wonderful places of wilderness for future cavers, consider contributing to the work of the ECPC. All you need is access to emails and word processing so that you can work with an international team of cavers and scientists and represent Britians conservation interests.

To express your interest or for further information please contact Jean-Claude via


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