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Helmet at Giant's car park

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Pete K:
Hi all. Lid and lamp currently at Giant's car park. Totally forgot to pick it up and take it to TSG when I left. I'll see if I can swing by tomorrow but if anyone is there before me, maybe drop it at the Chapel or other caving hub until the owner can be found.

Pete K:
This is now in my safekeeping at home in New Mills waiting for the owner to claim it.

Pete K:
I still have this on the shelf. I never know how long to hang on to found kit before disposing of it or passing it on.
I have found a feint AE marked on the inside now it is a bit cleaner.
End of the month the helmet is going for scrap (old) and the lights will be moved on to new homes.

If no-one claims the lid, maybe you could re-purpose it as a hanging basket? ;D

I was thinking the same thing  :lol:
Did someone post a picture like this recently?

The lights could be sold and cash donated to rescue?


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