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Rowter Hole Update
« on: December 03, 2019, 03:55:37 pm »
Afternoon all,

I thought we were probably overdue an update on the various digging activities ongoing in Rowter Hole.

The Upstream Origins Dig
Mentioned in a previous topic it is currently being allowed to 'settle' after a very enthusiastic period of terrifying progress.

The sump pumping project
Had an unexpected consequence- some recent flooding caused by our meddling seems to have lowered the level of the sump a little, this is definitely not a winter project but as soon as we get some dryer weather we will be back on the attack in the sump. We learned a lot undertaking the pumping projects and think we can apply that knowledge to good effect next time around.

The Party Sausage/ White Noise-
This dig has been worked on and off, pretty much since we found the Rowter Hole extensions but recently it has been the focus of most of our efforts. It's a steady couple of hours from the entrance with several obstacles along the way that make taking materials like scaffolding and timber somewhat of a challenge. We have been developing (or attempting to develop) lighter weight alternatives to the traditional scaffolding solutions and have had some varied success. The dig site is located in a rift adjacent to the main passage with a blocked aven above. We have moved the site from one end of the rift to the other three or four times over the last few years but recently have focused on the northern end.
Last weekend that decision started to pay off and we finally intercepted the water that we have been hearing through the floor since we found the cave. We just about managed to stabilise our rubble heaps to a point where we could tentatively enter a small (6m high) chamber with a small inlet flowing into it. In doing so we knocked quite a bit of rubble into the hole and blocked any way on however we think a couple of hours of digging should see us looking at a small (and sharp) continuation of the new rift passage.
The new dug section and small chamber/ pitch we have called 'Fasten your Seatbelts'. The Party Sausage rift is now quite a treacherous place to be with a tall unprotected climb and some badly restrained rubble heaps which diggers are forbidden from touching/ breathing on/ looking at.. also, we can't touch the shattered walls, mesh screen or stacked deads but apart from that, its OK.
 We will be returning very soon to do some more stabilisation work and see if we can move enough rubble to get into any sort of continuation of the rift which is looking quite hopeful. We will of course keep you updated with progress and hopefully soon, some photos too!