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We are thinking of purchasing a Disto X310 with a view to converting it to a Disto X. I have spoken to Benfool and he no longer has the parts to do this (only the anon serous batteries). Any idea where else I can get this done.

As a bit of context regarding this, to make the replies more useful.....

Beat Heeb, the guy that makes the replacement boards for the Distox2, has sold out. At the minute he's unsure if he'll be able to make more - I think because he's struggling to source certain parts and because the x310 is being discontinued, its not worth redeveloping the board with replacement parts. There is nobody else making these boards, he was the only source.

Hopefully somebody has a spare board lying about that Andy can buy, but as they're €180 I'm not optimistic. If another board is found, I'm more than happy to do the work to put it together and as Andy said, I have batteries available.


Thanks for your update. it might help and save other replies. I hope someone can help. Although the 310 has been discontinued they are still for sale on Leica's site and second hands available on eBay etc

I suspect the D810 will become to new defaco tool for cave surveying. Its more expensive than the X310 (with the Distox2 conversion), but does include Bluetooth and a compass/clino and it has a fancy screen.

All it needs is somebody to write some drivers for Pocket Topo/Topodroid and we're good to go.


No mention in the Leica specs of a compass on the D810, only inclination for working out horizontal length


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