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How was your decade??

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HAPPY 2020!!

I'll not be the only person looking back over the past decade rather than the past 12 months, this New Year.

Caving highlights include fabulous (if bloody hard) exploration trips in Mulu at the beginning of the decade and being fortunate enough to get to know Mark & Jess Burkey so now having a wonderful collection of Mark's photos and caving memories - here's my favourite:

...and of course Tim and I bought UKC - what a learning curve that has been.  The forum is in a much better place than it was when we took over so I'm glad we did it, despite at times wondering what the hell were we thinking?!  ;D

I've been underground less these past few years as I now have a horse and have learnt a whole new way of riding which has been fascinating, fulfilling and addictive - it has taken years, however is pretty cool to nowadays be able to ride with little or no tack  ;D

Look, no bridle....

Tim's back in Mulu so I was going to be on my ownsome for New Year - but no!  Went on a lovely walk up Ingleborough (which didn't play ball and was shrouded in cloud and windy as hell until we got back down to look back on it in a cloudless sky!) with Matt & Gary before an invite to the Pennine. I ate some delicious food (blimey they can cook at the NPC!), watched some very slim cavers get through a very tight squeeze machine and finally learn what 'Pan and Sling' looked like.  I saw in the New Year surrounded by cavers who made me feel really welcome - marvellous, thank you NPC  :thumbsup:

Yes, this really is the top of Ingleborough :)

I hope this next year and decade brings you lots of caving adventures, fun and happiness.

How was your caving decade?

All the best, Pegasus xx

At the start of the decade I just finished puberty and to be honest it's all been uphill from there. This might not seem relevant to caving but it's when I started to grow a proper beard so yano....

The Old Ruminator:
One or two minor discoveries. :unsure:

I've had a great decade - started a BSc, discovered caving, started an MSc, still caving, started a PhD, still caving!

So lots of caving, and practically no real hard graft!

I'm still a little nervous about the millenium bug, can we be entirely sure the danger has passed now?


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