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Premier carbide lamp

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Would anybody have any premier carbide lamp parts that they no longer require please I am rebuilding one and need a few bits!!   Please message me if you can help

Believe it or believe it not - Caving Supplies are still stocking and selling parts


Not too surprising as Caving Supplies took on manufacturing Premier lamps when they packed up and so probably have loads of bits (assuming Phill keeps the website up to date!)

If the above suggestion fails, post a list of the parts that you're after. I may have some in the loft; others may also have them.

I served my time caving on Premier carbide lamps but haven't used one for years. However, there is one on my mantlepiece which was in an ammo box which I found floating in an airbell in a previously undived sump in Giants Hole, back in the 80s. It's one of the really old ones, with bent brass wire at the back, rather than the spade fitting which was more common from the 70s (designed to fit the lamp brackets in use by then).  The ammo box was a pile of crumbling rust but, when prised open, the inside was bone dry and the lamp was found to be in perfect condition! Not a bad trophy really.

I would, of course, give this back to the owner - if he or she happens to be reading this. If so, please list the other contents of the ammo box, so I know the claim is genuine! (There weren't cavers' internet forums in those days, to advertise it having been found.)

Definitely a Mars Bar, a pricker, and some spare carbide. There may also have been a cheap lighter.


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