Fenix head torch repairs anyone?


Hi all

My Fenix HL60 (same as HL55 but with USB recharging) is broken - there is a thin flexible printed wiring connector which runs from the LED unit in the main body to the switch PCB and this has broken off at the LED end which is inaccessible without further disassembly. I was going to just replace it with some wires myself but I can't get the LED cover off - it looks like it's held on by 4 torx screws but a T5 is just slightly too small and a T6 is too big so I can't get it open.

Does anyone repair these? Or does anyone know where I can get a tool to open it so I can have a go?



I dropped an expensive Fenix in the garage and broke the glass. Rang “My Fenix” in Cardiff and they asked me what the serial number was - although I didn’t buy it from there it proved to be one of their imports. It was out of warranty and had to go back to the factory for repair. This was done free of charge and a fortnight later arrived back in perfect condition - a big thanks for excellent customer service and a plug here for them.

Excellent, thanks. I have emailed them to see what they can do. Will keep people posted....


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