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Lost: Tackle sack with kit - Long Churn 2nd Feb'20


On a 'Give it a Go' trip from Lancaster, we (LUSS) managed to lose a tackle sack. I'm still wondering how myself  :-\

We were in upper long churn above Baptistry Crawl playing around in the optional crawling spaces. We fear that it got knocked into the water at some point and may have made it's way to Diccan Pot!  :wall:
Searched a lot but no sign of it along the streamway.

It's a yellow tacklesack with two items in it. Should have LUSS written on it and I can tell you what's inside if you find it!

Unfortunately given the rain its probably half way out into the Irish sea by now. But I lost a tackle sack in Rowton in similar conditions it did turn up a couple of years later, beyond the sumps, it was found in a drought.


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