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Ring found in Alum Pot


Found a ring at the bottom of south east route today.
I think it’s fairly unlikely it belongs to a caver, but it might have fallen out of someone’s pocket. Wondered if some one had chucked it in to get rid of it.

But, if you have lost a ring here, describe it to me and I’ll get it back to you.


Roger W:
It doesn't have an inscription in Elvish on it, does it, starting "Ash nazg..."

large 1 caret single diamond in 9ct gold fitting....

I was working in Alum pot on Friday. please can you hold on to it in case the client comes back to me and says they have lost it? We ask them to take rings off incase it was to get stuck in a rock etc. they might have just put it in their pocket? Thanks

I was there Friday morning, may have seen you as I was climbing back out.
Think it had been there a long time as it is damaged and peat stained.


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