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The CNCC provides a wide range of resources via our website ( including rigging topos, cave descriptions, access information, details on anchors, conservation resources, safety notifications, regional news, and of course the online booking system.

We have been able to pull together some interesting statistics on caving habits from the usage and download data for our descriptions, topos and online booking system that we think might be interesting.

Read the full article here:

Of course, there are numerous ways to interpret lots of these statistics, but we thought they made for an interesting read nonetheless :)

As a stats-lover, I think this is great :)
Just missing a 'Top of the Pots' - most popular caves by download, though it looks like Alum wins it at the moment.

Hi Jason, indeed Alum does appear to be 'winning' by a good margin in terms of topo downloads (and great that access is now back-on there too:;topicseen#new).

Good to see Notts Pot and Lost Johns' doing very well. No surprises also that Bull Pot, Aquamole, Jingling and Yordas rank high, as West Kingsdale has always been a popular spot.

Poor Rat Hole at Gaping Gill sits at the bottom of the list despite being online since digital topos were first launched.

Pool Sink at Ease Gill not proving too popular. This was the least-visited of all the rigged caves at Eurospeleo in 2016.

A whopping 702 downloads for Quaking Pot (more than Juniper Gulf, Rumbling, Gavel or Stream Passage Pot), despite being a relatively recent addition to the topo list! It seems the ambition (or wishful/imaginative thinking) of northern cavers is as strong as ever!

Who can guess what rigging topo the background of the image above is from?  ;D


--- Quote from: GarDouth on July 09, 2020, 12:31:08 pm ---Who can guess what rigging topo the background of the image above is from?  ;D

--- End quote ---

Looks like the most downloaded topo to me :)


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