Cave proof notebooks?

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I know there's been posts on this previously, but not for a while, so has anyone found any good cave proof notebooks recently? I need one that's properly waterproof (synthetic paper not just coated) and sturdy - decently thick pages and a plastic cover ideally.

My best one, bought at hidden earth several years ago is now full and I'm after a new one. I use Rite in the Rain for surface stuff, but for me they're not tough enough for caving. I also tried a Chartwell waterproof one (red cover) but the paper was too thin and when it got wet all the pages stuck together and tore :shrug:

How about diving wetnotes?

not cheap as you pay divers tax, but pretty bomb proof and you can replace the pages:


I was thinking of posting about the same thing as I’ve seen some absolutely fantastic cave surveys of the peak/speedwell system from the early 2000’s and was wondering how I’d get hold of a notepad to have a go at the same thing.

Are there any A4 waterproof notepads?

I was recently disappointed when I visited IKEA last month... No more free pencils  :weep:

Thanks Ben :) I'd not thought of looking at diving ones. Those look swanky. My last one saw me through a 4 year project so I don't mind splashing out a bit if it's good quality. Are the pages quite thick?

Alastair, it depends on how good you are at looking after it and not getting it too wet... The Rite in the Rain ones are good if you look after them fairly well - I use them for surface field work and they come in big ish sizes
However, the paper seems to be coated, not entirely plastic, so water can get in a bit if you don't treat them well, though they seem to dry out OK again. I've also only used them in the rain, I haven't tried fully submerging it, so you might need a dry bag or something for any bits that are very wet on the way if you were going to go down that route. I have bad habit of just throwing mine loose into my tackle sack which I don't think they would survive!

You could also consider just buying A4 synthetic paper. I got some off ebay a while ago which wasn't too expensive. I've hand drawn sketch surveys on these by just putting a sheet in my pocket and resting on a rock, but you could also take a clip board or tape it to an A4 sheet of perspex.


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