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We'd like your thoughts on the Hidden Earth beaker that you receive at each event as part of your entry. In order to improve our environmental impact and volunteer work load we're interested in how you use your beaker.

Please take a moment to answer three quick questions. Thanks for your help.

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Great! Was literally chatting about this with some people this week. Reusable beakers are great but I’ve got so many now that I’d rather reuse the ones I have than collect more. After all they are still plastic even if they last longer than disposable beakers!

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I agree with maxb727  :)

i recall someone saying that in order for these lovely plastic beakers to be more environmentally friendly than a disposable plastic glass, they have to be reused about 30 times. Between HE and festivals, we have over 20 of them now and while yes, they are a bit of a memento of the events and a fair few came as part of the entry fee, but we probably don't need any more and always have some in each of our vehicles, the camping kit, etc. to reuse and avoid plastic glass use where possible. Good to see Hidden Earth taking this onboard with the poll. :)

Digging buckets for really precise digs?

Alternatively, drill a tiny hole in the bottom of two, thread some dyneema fishing line through them with a big stopper knot - instant underground communications system, with embedded HE promotion for glistening photoshoots. Indestructible and waterproof. Even works in shafts ;)


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