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David Rose:
A big moment: I've just sent our publisher the manuscript of the book I've spent the past year working on with Rick Stanton. Called Aquanaut, it provides by far the the most detailed and revelatory account of the rescue of the Wild Boars boys' football team from the flooded Tham Luang cave in Thailand yet written, from Rick's unique perspective as the man who both (with John Volanthen) found the boys and organised and led their rescue - an unprecedented achievement against overwhelming odds.

It also contains the extraordinary story of Rick's long caving and cave diving career, with significant explorations in systems including Notts 2, P8, Gingling Hole, Wookey Hole, Ogof Daren Cilau, the Emergence du Ressel, the Padirac - St Georges, the Source du Saint Sauveur, Pozu Cabeza Muxa, the Marche Pied, Cueva Cheve and Pozo Azul.

Also in the book are accounts of earlier rescues and recoveries, such as the diplomatic dogs breakfast that was the rescue of Jonathan Sims and others from the Alpazat cave in Mexico, and the terrifying story of Rick and John's attempt to find and recover the body of Eric Establie from the Dragonniere du Gaud. Now we'll see what our editor makes of it, and how much work there still is to do. Fingers crossed he likes it. It's due out later this year, published in the UK by Michael Joseph.

That's a very fine image on the front cover; where is it?

Gourneyras maybe?


Duncan Price:

--- Quote from: Pitlamp on February 03, 2020, 03:00:34 pm ---That's a very fine image on the front cover; where is it?

--- End quote ---

Pozo Azul.

David Rose:
Indeed it is. Photo by Martyn Farr.


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