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--- Quote from: EFRESHW on April 07, 2021, 03:59:16 pm ---It's so cool to see this, I really loved the obvious hard work and effort that went into it. thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to write a piece, too!  :hug:  feeling ~blessed~

--- End quote ---

Really enjoyed reading your piece.  Alum is a great place for all sorts of reasons  :thumbsup:

Good effort everyone!

Great to hear people are enjoying reading it!

Once again, a massive thanks to those that contributed that made making the newsletter possible!
On a personal level, a huge thanks to the rest of the CHECC committee for their support and patience while compiling this :)

Caver Keith:
A jolly good read and I get a mention too! It's in the Armchair Caving section but nevertheless it is a mention. Thanks.

Roger W:
A fascinating read, lots of excellent stuff there.   :)

One question: in the "Armchair Caving" section (that's me, these days :( ) there's a question about the minminum (= minimum?) rope length for a Petzl Stop.  Answers at the bottom:  8.5-9 mm.  That's a bit short, surely?  Less than 1 cm of rope wouldn't get you down Elizabeth Shaft, let alone Titan!


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