Cave Surveying Group Field Meeting Sunday 20th April

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The field meeting is being based at the Wessex hut, start time 1000. Sunday the 20th April

    - Surveying Training, both underground and drawing up.
    - Laser surveying (SAP & Bosch)
    - Interfacing the Bosch 'disto' to Shetland Attack Pony
    - Fancy laser scanning kit to play with
There will be an underground element to the meeting, persons wishing to attend are advised to contact Allan Richardson in advance to confirm their attendance, or at the Cave Technology Symposium on the 19th.
My contact details are  or 01772 783194(evenings)

Hi Allan. Have sent an email but no reply  :weep:
Just wondering if you're receiving any??

Any restrictions on who can attend?
Is this for club members only?

Both the Cave Technology Symposium and the Cave Surveying meet are open to all cavers, at whatever level of experience.  Both start at 1000 hrs, the Cave Technology Symposium in the Hunters and the Cave Surveying meet in the Wessex hut.

Hi Menacer
I don't know who you are but I have replied to 2 emails today re the survey meet.  I will (traffic permitting) be in that well known den of iniquity aka the Hunters later on tonight, and will be at the Wessex afterwards, where hopefully the internet connection will put me back in touch with the world.


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